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What is scrip? Very simply stated, scrip is a different way to shop. Instead of using cash, credit cards, or checks at the store, you’d use one of the gift cards that you purchased through the school. We buy them at a discount and sell them at face value and make a profit from each card sold. The cards are loaded and ready to use at local restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, online, etc. The cards do not expire or have fees, so you even if you don’t use them right away, you can rest assured that you won’t lose money!
SMS purchases the cards from the Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC). Although we stock cards for most of the local stores and restaurants, there are actually hundreds more cards available for purchase through GLSC. A list of the current participating retailers can be found at . Our order form contains all the cards that we normally keep in stock.
Families can set up an account and order online through Families can even pay online using PrestoPay. Setting up accounts is easy. Send an email to the program coordinator at to request instructions on how to set up accounts for ordering and paying online. Anyone can set up an account, so encourage your friends and family to set up accounts as well.
    There are several ways to get scrip cards.
  1. Turn in an order form and payment through school and your order will be returned with a few days.

  2. Order online, send payment through school or via Presto Pay and your order will be sent home within a few days.

  3. Order and pay online from one of the ScripNow! participating retailers and receive your order in minutes via email.

  4. Reload an eligible card online using Presto Pay.

  5. Purchase cards at school events like Pizza Socials, school meetings, etc.

You will never have to wait long to receive your order. If what you need is in stock, you will receive your order immediately. If we need to order cards for you, you will have them within a few days.
Scrip is an easy way for our school to earn money. We all buy groceries, gas, and clothes. When ordering uniforms, be sure to purchase Land’s End scrip….we earn 16%!!!
If you have any questions or need more information regarding the Scrip Program, please contact the St. Michael’s School Scrip Program Coordinator, Karen McBride at 240-298-8165 or email